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Action Pack Podcast S01E02

Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast Second Episode!

As the boyscout troop is traveling home, they come across a serious car accident. It’s weird though because, other than an abandoned pair of legs, there are no bodies. When a dust storm blows in the weirdness continues

Jeremiah Looper and Dr. Alberta Danaher fly north to the Black Hills to investigate the alien presence she senses there. En route they run into a spot of trouble.

As Abigail Champski and her father make the train ride from new York to St. Louis Abigail runs into the mysterious gentleman who tried to stop her in New York.


Action Pack Podcast S01E02:

00:00 – Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast

00:35 – Boyscouts of the Apocalypse

25:23- Invasion From the Hidden Planet

41:35- Golden West

1.01:56- Thank you for Listening.

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