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Golden West

Golden West

Abigail Champski  would be content to continue working in her laboratory that sits in the corner of her father’s locomotive construction yard. Her father, unfortunately for Abigail, has been asked by his boss to head from New York to The Sierra Nevada Mountains. The reason? There’s gold in them thar hills and Cecil Champski is the man who can build equipment large enough to get at it.

The Gold Rush has happened, the Trans-Continental Railroad isn’t complete yet, and steam power combined with ingenuity will get them across the country to the Golden West where chaos reigns supreme. Getting at the gold may just be the easiest part of the job.

2 thoughts on “Golden West

  1. In 1849 the information into gold discoveries had come to Germany – John A. Sutter on everyone’s lips. Emigranten/Goldsucher: “We’re going to Sutter – gold,
    gold, gold in abundance!”
    Then speculators and swindlers – it was no good for the nation after the 1848 revolution and poverty. Many were lured, be emigrants. 13. 000 km as the crow flies but even at that time were no obstacle for information, but there was a problem: the departure had to be approved by the authorities, and it took. Some emigrants were traveling illegally – they had better maps, but they had miscalculated in terms of travel time …
    Several families sold according to historical chronicles of land or possessions to make the trip across the Elbe to Hamburg and then to New Orleans to finance – the thaler was favorable. Then there was a problem – about 2000 miles were still up there in the areas of Auburn, Coloma and Grass Valley. The trip took a total of seven months – if everything went smoothly. Literature: “The gold of the Sierra Nevada,” Adventure, AAVAA-publishing house, Berlin, 2012. Or: “Das Gold der Sierra Nevada, AAVAA-Verlag, Berlin.

  2. Sierra Nevada, 1848-54
    The immigrants: racked by the rigors of the long journey.
    No one had experience in terms of gold prospecting – water was the important tools, simple tools. Literature: “The gold of the Sierra Nevada”, AAVAA-Verlag, Berlin.

    Today’s technologies look different – prospectors find again gold .
    Nugget but very rarely – depending on the size …

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