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It’s not deliberate!

Yes, the holidays hit Mike and I hard. Due to scheduling conflicts, there will be another delay. Please visit us on 2/1 for the next episode of the Action Pack podcast and accept our apologies.

Action Pack Podcast S01E06

Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast Sixth Episode!

Jeremiah Looper and Alberta Danaher join their new companions at a
Diner just outside of Salt Lake. Stress clouds any conversation, but
once they’re on the road they look forward to getting to know one
another and trying to understand the forces bringing them together.
All of this is flipped upside down by a mysterious vortex and what
lies on the other side.

Giants attack St. Louis. Abigail and Cecil need to leave town straightaway. Reginald tries to convince Jax and Jess to leave St. Louis to help him foul up the Champski’s plans.

Only three (of the original five) of the remaining Scout vehicles manage to get out of Spring Valley and leave the dead behind. As they are travelling back toward the city, the question comes up: “What if the dead are everywhere? Do we have the supplies to go on?” This leads the troop on search for food, water and fuel. What will they find in this ravaged countryside?

Action Pack Podcast S01E06:

00:00 – Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast

00:50- Invasion From the Hidden Planet

12:55- Golden West

30:00- Boyscouts of the Apocalypse

50:20- Thank you for Listening.

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This will be the home of the Action Pack Podcast! Every month you’ll get three serialized stories from JR Murdock, Mike Plested,¬†and¬†Scott Roche.

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