Action Pack Podcast

A Podcast Packed with Action


The Action Pack Podcast is an idea that began last year (either in November or December) when JR Murdock, Scott Roche and Michell Plested were talking about their writing goals for 2012. It was suggested that the three should join forces to create something new: a podcast that included three different stories told serially.

The idea gained traction in January when a few others heard about the idea and whole-heartedly encouraged its creation. The three creative geniuses (yes, that is what I said) 😉 met again to come up with a plan and 45 minutes later the podcast was born.

Action Pack is both an eBook and a podcast, with both elements being simultaneously released every month. The eBook will be published by Flying Island Press and the podcast will be available for download from this site and on iTunes. Each story will be a straight read by the authors and you can expect just a little cliffhangering.

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