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Action Pack Podcast S01E07

Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast Seventh Episode!

The Champskis make it out of St. Louis and find something along the trail as they head out west. Reginald, Jess and Jax try to keep up.

The troop find supplies but no without cost. They continue on to the next town. What will they find? Will they finally outrun the infestation or just find more of the same?

Action Pack Podcast S01E07:

00:00 – Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast

00:50 – Golden West

19:23 – Boyscouts of the Apocalypse

36:55- Thank you for Listening.

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Action Pack Podcast Update

Due to personal reasons (that I won’t go into at this time) and technical difficulties (JR has a new web server he had to set up) we are a little late again.
First, the bad news: Due to personal reasons and a number of other obligations, Scott will be unable to continue with the Hidden Planet for the foreseeable future. Once he is able, he will look to come back into the fold.
Second, the good news: The next episode will be dropping soon and hopefully Episode 8 will follow shortly thereafter.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for listening.
JR and Mike

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