Action Pack Podcast

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Action Pack Podcast S01E05

Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast Fifth Episode!

Scouter Mike and Steve manage to get out of town but where are the other two vehicles full of Scouters and Scouts?. Steve’s son is still back there so he drives back into the lion’s den to find the boy along with the others. Scout Kyle and his friends come up with a way to deal with the walking dead.

Jeremiah Looper and Alberta Danaher are picked up by Captain
Sigfried’s military convoy to head to the Black Hills. Along the way
they talk about the other members of their team and the apparent
shopping list that their alien benefactors gave them. Siggy reveals
that it’s possible they’ve all been chosen because of their respective
statuses as outcasts and oddballs in the scientific community at
large. They’re no less gifted and finally the team assembles outside
of Salt Lake City, Utah to begin the final leg of their journey.

Abigail and Cecil suffer a major set back and must leave town as soon as possible.


Action Pack Podcast S01E05:

00:00 – Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast

00:35- Boyscouts of the Apocalypse

22:10- Invasion From the Hidden Planet

42:00- Golden West

60:43- Thank you for Listening.

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