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Action Pack Podcast S01E03

Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast Third Episode!

Dr. Alberta Danaher and┬áJeremiah Looper find themselves stranded in the desert, on the run from mysterious airships. They make their way to the small town of Eureka and discover the aliens aren’t their only concern.

Abigail runs into Mr. Limon in St. Louis as well as well as a stranger. Reginald run into some local ruffians.

Scouter Connall is injured and the troop must get back to the city ASAP! As they travel back, they come across a burning house and a yard filled with bodies. Only one person is there and he isn’t talking.


Action Pack Podcast S01E03:

00:00 – Welcome to the Action Pack Podcast

00:35- Invasion From the Hidden Planet

21:25- Golden West

41:18- Boyscouts of the Apocalypse

1.04:52- Thank you for Listening.

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